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    Wine testing in your home or commercial wine lab is a great way to ensure that the chemistry of your home or commercially made wine will ensure the best wine possible. Our line of winemaking glassware, including erlenymeyer flasks and pipettes, will ensure testing accuracy and ease of use.


    Also see our other available wine making labware


    Difference between Erlenmeyer Flasks /Beakers and Graduated Cylinders:


    Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers are used for mixing, transporting, and reacting, but not for accurate measurements. They have accurate (within about 5%) volumes listed on the flasks/beakers.


    Graduated Cylinders (Cylinder Glass, or Hydrometer Jars) are for general use and not quantitative analysis. They are useful for measuring liquid volumes to within about 1%. If greater accuracy is needed, use a pipet or volumetric flask.


    Difference between Serological Pipette and Volumetric Pipette:


    A serological pipette has graduated marks listed all the way up the pipette. Volumetric pipettes only have one measurement marked on them. However, volumetric pipettes are more accurate than the serological pipette.

    Volumetric Pipet Labware 5 mL | Commercial Wine making Supplies

    Volumetric Pipette Labware: 5mL

    Volumetric Pipette Labware: 5mL
    Average rating:
    Cylinder Glass (Hydrometer Jar): 1.1 x 13.8 | Wine making Supplies and Labware

    Plastic Graduated Cylinder (Hydrometer Jar 38 X 350)

    Plastic Graduated Cylinder (Hydrometer Jar 38 X 350)
    Average rating:
    Volumetric Flask: 750 mL | Wine making Supplies and Labware

    Specialty Volumetric Flask by Dujardin-Salleron: 750 mL

    Specialty Volumetric Flask by Dujardin-Salleron: 750 mL
    Average rating:
    Glass Beaker Labware 150 mL Low Form: Winemaking Supplies

    Glass Beaker: Low Form 150 mL

    Glass Beaker: Low Form 150 mL
    Average rating: