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    Presque Isle Wine Cellars is proud to be importing high quality fresh Australian juice for the third year in a row. The Australian juice is aseptically packed and enzymed with no yeast added. It is kept at just above freezing from harvest until it is sold. Thanks to the aseptic packaging and temperature control the juice will maintain freshness and stability for months on end. 


    These very stable juices are SHIPPABLE!  We have shipped the product successfully to as far away and as hot a place as Texas.  Call us for details on shipping.  Click here to see typical shipping costs.


    We have made some great wine ourselves from these juices and can personally attest to their quality and consistency. 


    The following varietals are available for 2017: Cabernet Sauvignon (Red), Shiraz (Red), Sauvignon Blanc (White), and Chardonnay (White). either in 20 L (5.3 gallon) pails or 195 L (51.51 gallon) drums.  Click here to learn more about these varieties.




    These juices are available for order and pick up NOW during regular winery hours.  Call to confirm pick-up date or to make special arrangements: 814-725-1314.


    Download a PDF order form.


    Commercial Customers: Volume discounts are available. Please contact our Commercial Sales Manager Randy at 814-725-1314 ext. 209 or for more details- we have many options available to meet your needs.